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isw products shrink sleeve

Shrink Sleeves

Shrink sleeve labels are printed on shrink film and then fixed in a tube-like sleeve. We present the client with the final shrink sleeve labels either pre-cut for hand application or in a roll for machine application. The shrink film label gets heat shrunk to fit perfectly around the shape of the product, allowing for maximum brand exposure on oddly shaped containers.

  • PVC or PET
  • Cover-up sleeves
  • Foilable
  • Metallic
  • Gloss and matt finishes
  • Thermochromic applications
  • Tamper evident
  • Twin Packs

Flexible Packaging

Utilising a multitude of single and multiple layer substrates to suit individual product requirements. The versatility of flexible packaging is endless.

  • Single serving wrappers
  • Pouches
  • Display wrappers
  • Laminated matt or gloss
  • Foils
isw products flexible packaging
isw products sachets


Sachets goes by any other names: packets, packettes, pouches, seal pouches, etc. Our flexible film sachets are high puncture resistant, have an easy tear propogation, great heat sealability and excellent barrier properties.

  • Multiple layered
  • For form fill and seal
  • Foils
  • Laminated matt or gloss
  • For use with liquid, powders or gels

Specialised Decorative & Functional Finishes

Working closely with local and international suppliers ISW has developed methods of bringing these unique finishes to our clients’ products.
Combining the functionality of the likes of “Authentic Product”, identifying holographic foils and Thermochromic heat sensitive colour changing inks into their designs. Our clients have had the freedom to let their creative designers run wild.
  • Glow in the dark labels
  • Authentic product labels
  • Identifying holographic foils
  • Thermochromic colour chaning inks
  • These can be applied to almost all our packaging offerings
isw products glow in the dark
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